History of the Invitational

A little history about the Invitational Tournament: It all started back in the early 70’s with the name of the Tri Valley Invitational which was struggling to gain participation. In the early 80’s new organizers, Bob Pancrazi, Jeff Fritz and Bob Schmit decided to change the tournament format up not only in the daily format that is still being used today but also to incorporate the idea of a Calcutta. All of this was well received, and participation became strong and frequently had a waiting list to get into the tournament; the tournament participation has remained strong ever since. We are thankful for the efforts of the new organizers and their new ideas on running a great money tournament. Bob Schmit took the reins as the principal organizer in the late 90’s and was instrumental in keeping the tournament a fun and successful money competition that it still is today. 

In memory of Bob Schmit, whom we lost on May 1st 2021, we changed the name of the Invitational to the Bob Schmit Invitational. Bob was a Vietnam Veteran and served as a helicopter pilot (shot down twice). After which, Bob was a crop duster and commercial airline operator and a long time member (and past president) of the Yuma Golf and Country Club. Bob’s passion was to play golf with his buddies which always involved a “friendly wager” at least Bob thought it was friendly.

When you are playing the 8th Hole, take a moment to visit Bob’s Memorial plaque located back left of the green by his newly planted tree, compliments of Bob’s best friend Teddy Hook.

Bob Schmit

2022 Champions


2024 Champions

1st Gross Overall: Bentley Nakasawa & Robert LaMacchia

1st Net Overall: Tony Plaza & Frank Ybarra

1st Net Overall: Chris Haggard & Jeff Minarik

1st Gross Overall: Carlos Gallegos & Gabe Plaza


The Bob Schmit Invitational